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Help - Weather Station

 2nd October 2015. Displays in Firefox but not in Chrome ?! (webmaster)



Help - Some Widgets Don't Display

Some widgets use Java - iPads don't support Java.


Help - New Exmouth Coastwatch Web Cam (IE)

We are informed by our suppliers that if you are using Internet Exporer, in certain circumstances the new Exmouth Coastwatch camera may not display properly on your 'computer'. 

We recommend you try two things :

A)  ACTIVEX - if your IE browser pops up a message to the effect "This website requests that you install Active X etc etc ", then please do so by following the instructions given (simply clicking 'Install')

B)  COMPATIBILITY VIEW - please refer to this guidance.

[If neither of these two 'fixes' work for you, then ahead of Axis supplying an IE code fix, you may prefer to use Chrome or Firefox browsers, especially on Desktop PC. ]


Help - Menu DropDown Difficulty (IE)

menuproblemIf you find difficulty in clicking on a submenu item - your mouse pointer cannot hover long enough to click (an Internet Explorer 11 problem only), rest assured we are continuing to investigate.  

Currently, one way around this issue is to navigate to any other menu item first, e.g. 'About Us' --> 'Join Us', and click the Beach Cam submenu items from there. VoilĂ  - no Russian roulette. 

Alternatively, use a different browser, such as Chrome.

May 2015 - this issue fixed. Let the webmaster know if you're still having problems.




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